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Home CCTV Systems from qualified electricians in the Liverpool and Merseyside Area

Once considered the preserve of businesses and rich individuals, modern digital CCTV systems have brought a completely new level of home security within far more people’s reach.

Home CCTV systems are commonly installed to watch over both the inside and outside of a property. They will monitor and record activity, and are quite easy to install and set up.

Not just this, but the quality of the recorded images has greatly improved as the technology in the cameras has continued to leap ahead.

A standard home CCTV system may be somewhat less sophisticated than those which use dozens, even hundreds of cameras to watch our movements in public places, and private areas such as sports stadiums. But the miniaturisation of the technology they contain has meant that it’s far more viable to have a CCTV system at home which does exactly the same job as the ones we see around us, just with fewer ‘eyes’ to call on.

But for most home security uses, a small number of cameras – or even just one – is sufficient to keep an eye out for potential threats, and just as importantly, act as a visible deterrent to keep them away from your property in the first place.

We’ll be your eyes and ears at 7 Electrical when it comes to getting the most from a home CCTV system

Once considered serious ‘Big Brother’ technology, CCTV systems have steadily become more widely accepted as having a sizeable part to play in keeping our own land, homes and property secure.

As with many forms of modern technology, the fact that more features have become capable of being incorporated into ever-smaller packages is one of the driving forces behind the wider adoption of CCTV systems.

Where they were once mounted on massive poles, high up above the streets, where everyone could see them, modern CCTV cameras can be far less conspicuous, and there’s a whole new generation of CCTV equipment focused on making them easier to site in existing buildings, without the need for giveaway gantries or conspicuous columns giving them their bird’s-eye view.

Our CCTV equipment specialists here at 7 Electrical Group are happy to point you towards a system that’s right for your needs and budget. We have many years of offering and installing these security systems around customers’ homes, and can guide you towards the right set-up to give you peace of mind.

CCTV System FAQs

How do I choose the right CCTV cameras for my needs?

If you are using your CCTV system to protect a small, fixed-size area, we suggest opting for a fixed lens type. These don’t need any adjustment to their zoom range or focus, and will provide good pictures of all parts of the area that you want to cover.

For monitoring a wide area, and to ensure better quality images, we recommend a CCTV system on which the cameras have autofocus capability. Like sophisticated, modern still and video cameras, these contain many tiny sensors which can detect movement within their focus range, and automatically adjust to capture the best images possible.

How will my CCTV cameras be able to record images at night?

Most CCTV cameras can capture images in very low light, thanks to them being coupled to an LED light. In this type of light, areas of complete darkness will show up lighter and with a good level of contrast, so you can make out what has been captured by the cameras.

If you’ve ever watched TV wildlife documentaries, you’ll probably have seen this kind of tech at work, as it’s used in the cameras that the dedicated nature followers use to watch what they want to see. 

The red LED light will be visible when you look at the camera in darkness, so in itself, it often acts as a deterrent to would-be intruders.

How are images recorded on a home CCTV system?

Most of these kinds of systems store their recorded footage on a built-in digital video recorder, or DVR. They are stored on a hard drive, just as you’ll find on any computer, and using an app, you can then even view what has been recorded remotely, on your mobile phone, or a laptop or desktop computer. 

For extra security, you can allow multiple users to view images at the same time – but large numbers of users, generally more than five, can cause network congestion, which adversely affects image quality.

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